Bea Alonzo for Chowking: Success is best when shared

MANILA, Philippines - Bea looks every inch a movie star in a khaki shirt dress and high heels. An ensemble of makeup artists and hair stylists bustle about her and she chats with them like they were long time friends. My turn to chat with her comes and she offers a disarming smile that doesn't make me any less intimidated. Pleasantries are exchanged and we get to talking about her family.

With Bea, it's difficult not to go there. Followers know she didn't grow up in a traditional home. But as Hollywood - even local - starlets her age drift from their parents and assume independent lives upon entering showbiz. Bea however, grows even closer to her family, partly because she entered the business. She is no starlet either. A full-fledged movie star, Bea is an award-winning actress and one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz today.

The actress describes her rise to stardom as one "rocky journey". After a rough period of joining hometown pageants and doing her round of auditions, Bea, born Phylbert Angellie Ranollo was eventually introduced to people who opened doors for her in show business as a member of Star Circle in 2001, where she debuted as Bea Alonzo.

"Marami din akong pinagdaanang hardships at rejection. Minsan nga naiisip ko kung paano ko nagawa yung mga nagawa ko, paano ko nalampasan. Now the hardships are just stories and ang dami kong wisdom na napulot sa kanila," the actress shares. Like many Pinoys, Bea measures her own success by how happy she can make her family.

"Since I went into show business and really started working, hindi na issue yung money - nasa dulo na sha sa listahan ng problema. It has really helped my family and my job actually brought us closer." Bea adds, "My family is my drive. Sa kanila ko nakukuha ang fighting spirit ko. I've also gotten a lot closer to my mom. We've never been this happy. Hindi maiiwasan ang hindi pagkakaintindihan, but we get to a certain age when we finally understand them and you'll finally get the wisdom of your mom."

In spite of a hectic schedule comprised of tapings for her teleseryes, TV guestings and shows, Bea makes it a point to spend time with her family. "For fun, we go out of town or rent a place na may pool, and there we just hang out and eat, kainan lang. Our family loves to cook. I think food is a great thing to bond over. It's good to share it with loved ones. Success is nothing if not shared," she adds.

Thoughts on success

For Bea, her journey to success is no different from other people's. "I think my story applies to everyone, every career. Lahat tayo may goals. Pare-pareho lang tayong may gustong maabot."

She quotes her favorite book, The Alchemist: "If you really want something, the world will conspire to help you get it. The most important thing for me aside from working hard of course, is having good intentions always. If you have that, kapag wala kang tinatapakan, you will succeed kasi wala kang takot. Iba ang confidence mo kapag alam mo na tama ang ginagawa mo."

Bea is part of Chowking's new batch of brand ambassadors alongside Efren Penaflorida, Jericho Rosales, Kim Chiu, and Gerald Anderson. "Good intentions - that's what we have in common. You can never go wrong when you work for your family or a good cause," says Bea. Her philosophy is resonant of Chowking's new values driven campaign, Tikman ang Tagumpay, which communicates "Basta tama ang pinangagalingan ng lakas, makakatikim ng tagumpay."

A model of a hard-working, driven individual, Bea lives and breathes success, both in her career and relationship with her family.