Chowking now has more than 590 stores in the Philippines, and over 20 branches worldwide. Be part of Chowking’s success!

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Why Chowking?

We look at our franchisees as our business partners. Just as it is our mission to make our customers happy, We aim to make our franchise partners happy in our business partnership.

We expect our franchisees to be actively involved in the operation of their store and to be supportive of our policies and initiatives to build the brand and to make the store successful. We want our franchisees to be one with us in our system wide mission to delight our customers and to share our conviction that it takes inspired employees to make this success happen. We also expect our franchisees to embrace and live by the moral values that guide our organization. We provide a wide range of business assistance to our franchisees. This includes: store feasibility study, store design and construction, management and operations, training, pre-opening support, Quality Management Standards, sales building program, local store marketing and logistics among others. Our brand-strengthening and sales-building efforts, anchored on continuing R&D, well-planned marketing and advertising campaigns and sales-building programs are calibrated to maintain a strong brand and growing market share.

As of October 2020, 59% of total store network are franchised owned.